STIHL Products


The STIHL Product Range


STIHL has set standards in the development of chainsaws for over 70 years. Their innovative technology, ergonomic form and unrivalled quality have made STIHL chainsaws the No. 1 worldwide. STIHL can offer the ideal chainsaw for every requirement: from compact saws for occasional users to really powerful production saws for professionals. The power output ranges from 1.2 kW to 6.3 kW (1.6 HP to 8.6 HP).

STIHL chainsaws


Be it in parks and gardens or on car parks, etc. the STIHL blowers and sprayers soon prove their value: fallen leaves, cut grass and refuse are unable to withstand the powerful air stream. Everything is neat and tidy again in a flash. With the STIHL sprayers, crop protection agents can be applied quickly and effectively to vineyards, fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

STIHL Blowers

Hedge Trimmers

STIHL Hedge Trimmers were designed and built for use in park and landscape maintenance, but can also be used for a variety of jobs in private gardens and estates. They are particularly useful when long or gnarled hedges have to be trimmed.

STIHL Hedge trimmers

CombiSystems and Attachments

The new STIHL KM Series CombiSystem is an all-in-one machine that allows you to combine the STIHL CombiEngine with a choice of different attachments for practically every sort of garden job imaginable. The simple split shaft concept with self locating fitting and quick release coupling enables you to complete all gardening tasks without changing machines. Not to mention, eliminating the need to purchase complete machines for each task.

STIHL Combisystems and attachments

Cleaning Systems

The range of High Pressure Cleaners from STIHL includes a machine for every kind of job: from handy compact machines for domestic use, efficient high-pressure cold water cleaners to a hot water cleaner with optional steam facilities, suitable for commercial applications.

STIHL Cleaning systems

LineTrimmers & Brushcutters

No matter what your requirements, be it home garden maintenance, tending parks or landscape maintenance, on farms or in forests: STIHL has a LineTrimmer or Brushcutter to make job done more quickly and efficiently and to make the work feel easier. Despite the differences in their uses, all STIHL LineTrimmers and Brushcutters have one thing in common: they combine high performance with easy operation, reliability and brandname quality guaranteed by stringent inspections.

STIHL Linetrimmers and Brushcutters


Talk to any professional who makes a living with his tools, and chances are his equipment line-up includes one or more STIHL products. His experience with STIHL probably began with a chain saw. Because the same kind of quality engineering and innovative technology that goes into all of our products started with a chain saw nearly 70 years ago.

STIHL Drills

Cut-Off Saws

STIHL Cut-Off Saws are indespensable for cutting steel, concrete, rock, ductile cast pipes, asphalt or similar materials. Whether used for civil engineering, building or road construction, for emergency rescue services, gardening or landscaping, STIHL can supply a suitable Cut-Off Saw for every job. The compact ergonomic design, packed with technology means STIHL Cut-Off Saws can cope with the toughest demands.

STIHL Cut-off Saws

Post Hole Borers

STIHL Augers can be used for a variety of purposes: from drilling simple holes in the ground to taking soil samples. The versatility of the STIHL Augers is reinforced by large range of robust accessories. Holes measuring up to 350mm in diameter can be drilled using the appropriate bit.

STIHL Augers
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