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CB1000RR Predator

Stunning Performance Naked style, breathtaking acceleration, light, responsive handling and invigorating thrills at every twist of its throttle. The new CB1000R packs full-blooded litre-class Super Sports performance into a compact, spare and muscular-looking form that speaks of good times and fast friends, blasting down the road in search of excitement in the bright lights.

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CBR1000RR Fireblade

Incredibly light, fast and controllable, the iconic Fireblade has built a well-deserved reputation for delivering the full-blooded joy of extreme performance. Almost miraculously, it manages to combine this with a smooth, refined and cultured experience that makes every ride a pleasure, even when it’s not ten tenths.

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XL700V Transalp

Dynamic new Adventure Sports styling really sets the pace for the all-new 2008 XL700V Transalp. Powered by a new fuel-injected V-twin engine that carries it down the road with impressive power and confident cruising speed, the new Transalp reasserts its position as the most versatile midsized motorcycle.

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CB600F Hornet

Slimmer, lighter, more powerful and easier to ride than any other bike in its class, the Hornet gets its blast of performance from the same compact engine that powers the phenomenal CBR600RR to dominate on track and street, yet tuned for stronger midrange acceleration that keeps the Hornet’s excitement meter running high.

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Radical new styling that grabs attention from every angle. Form-fitting comfort that invites one to both sit on and to ride. Smooth response to every rider input, reacting with exhilarating performance at every twist of its throttle, and… no clutch! Not only that, no gear changer! Is this really a motorcycle? Or is it some strange kind of scooter?

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GL1800 Gold Wing

Combining top performance with remarkable comfort and exceptional carrying capacity, the majestic Gold Wing provides an all-encompassing long-distance touring experience that never grows old. Now complete with airbag and Honda Satellite Navigation System, the Gold Wing is one of the most impressive, enjoyable and ultimately satisfying riding experiences on wheels, whether traveling across town or across the Continent and beyond.

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Shadow VT750

If cruising is your thing, the VT750C Shadow will not disappoint. Accentuated by classic curves with a long disappoint. Accentuated by classic curves with a long-and-low riding position, admire your reflection in the shimmer of polished chrome as you lazily reach for the bars and adopt a countenance of blissful riding pleasure. With its rumbling V-twin fuel injected engine and flattering design, the VT750C Shadow exudes a sense of unhurried riding enjoyment. Very easy to ride, thanks in part to its low, deep saddle, the Shadow’s classic styling and strong, shaft driven, dependable acceleration is the only way to answer the call of the open road.

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Spirit VT750

A stunner in the classic dragbike mould, the VT750C2 Shadow Spirit has bobbed fenders wrapped around low tyres, with dual shorty pipes that snake behind a super low seat, delivering class custom lines, light steering and agility, while retaining fuel injection and shaft drive performance and reliability.

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If you want the ultimate of all cruisers look no further than the VTX1800. The mighty VTX1800 is the most inspirational piece of production V-twin motorcycle engineering the world has even seen. It is simply one of the biggest, boldest street cruisers ever!

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