Power Equipment


Power Equipment

Throughout the decades Honda has consistently designed and engineered four-stroke technology that is without parallel. The result is a reputation built on quality, reliability and leadership that today sets the industry standard.

In the pursuit of a cleaner greener world, Honda places a high priority on the development and manufacture of products that not only meet, but also exceed the toughest emission standards. Honda is proud to develop cutting edge technology to the betterment of our environment and user comfort.


There’s more to an exceptional mower than a great engine, durable deck and precise cutting system. That’s why the Honda range offers this and much much more:

  • 4-blade cutting system
  • zone start places the starter cord at optimum height
  • Mulching ramp saves time and water as mulch is returned to the soil
  • 3-speed gearbox allows variable mowing speeds

For further information on our lawnmower range please contact us directly.

Lawn Mower


Honda brings its first class 4-stroke technology to the world of leaf blowers. With its super-quiet operation and effortless power it simply blows the 2-stroke models away. Complying with the toughest emission standards and running on unleaded fuel, removing the need to mix oil and petrol, the Honda Blower is perfect for all your cleanup needs.


Hedge Trimmers

Honda’s hedge trimmer is yet another piece of lawn and garden equipment to benefit from a Honda 4-stroke upgrade. Its unique cutting action prevents vibration common in 2-stroke models. Powerful, lightweight, and easy to handle, Honda’s Hedge Trimmers offers superior maneuverability and effortless power. Designed to run quietly, efficiently, and with low emission levels, Honda’s 4-stroke Hedge Trimmers use unleaded petrol, once again saving you the inconvenience of mixing fuel with oil.

Hedge Trimmer

Industrial Generators

Honda have the generator for your application — big or small. From 2.2kVa to 100kVa, petrol or diesel. For further information on generators please contact us directly.

Industrial Generators


High volume, high pressure with heavy duty performance.

All Honda’s portable water and multipurpose pumps are powered by durable, fuel-efficient 4-stroke engines. Most models are fitted with cast iron impellers to resist friction from muddy water and to provide tough durability.

Honda Pumps


Honda’s range of generation II brushcutters once again prove that they lead the world in revolutionary engine technology. The unique mini 4-strokes deliver power, performance and reliability that no 2-stroke can match. Their ultra-compact, lightweight design mean they are easy to handle and will keep you working longer with less fatigue.

For further information on our brushcutters please contact us directly.

Brush Cutters


Easy starting, quiet and economical, Honda sprayers are powered by the miraculous “mini 4-stroke” engine. With a lightweight resin frame, ergonomic shoulder harness, and cross straps for portability and ease of use.

Honda Sprayers
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